Automatic Washing Line :

Washing line is used to wash and dry the plastic raw material. Washed raw material results better quality output while reprocessing the plastic.

How It Works :

Washing line is completely fabricated using stainless steel 304 grade. It contains scrap grinder machine to convert plastic article waste into plastic flakes. Screw conveyor provided to convey flakes to the washing tank 1. Where raw material washed in vertically designed tank. After first wash, raw material conveyed to next washing tank which is horizontally designed. It contains several rotors to lead raw material forward. Main application of horizontal tank is to collect heavy durt at the floor of washing tank and then its conveyed out of the process with screw conveyor fitted inside the tank. Washed material then dropped into the dryer machine which dries the material completely.

Suitability :

Automatic washing line is mostly suggested for article plastic. (film waste plastic will get less production due to its density)

Production range :

Production Range of 250 kg/hr to 500 kg/hr.