About Scrap Grinder:

Grinder main body is fabricated from heavy MS plates, the body is mounted on heavy fabricated chanels, the rotor is made from alloy steel which is dynamically balanced which ensures faster grinding and defined output, heavy balance wheel & bearing housing are made from casting .

The blades are made from special alloy steel with hardening process, the input hopper is fabricated from heavy MS plates, v type pulleys & belts are used for transmission from Suitable AC motor.

Navdurga Engineers and Mahek Roto Mech’s grinder is specially designed for grinding clean west of blow moulded articles, injection moulded articles & hollow products, rotational moulded articles, scrap of plastic water tanks, pipes etc.

How It Works :

In the entire process, A plastic material, normally in wastage form (article plastics) is dropped into scrap grinder mouth, usually fabricated from mild steel. There is heavy duty dynamically balanced mild steel rotor fitted on the housing of the grinder to ensure faster grinding and defined output. Where’s heavy duty bearing housing provided for the rotor of scrap grinder machine. The blades are made from special alloy steel with hardening process. 9 rotating blades mounted on rotor and 4 or 6 fixed blades mounted on housing body of grinder machine. There is a pulley fitted on one side of rotor and balanced wheel mounted on other side of rotor. Flake size limiter mesh to be provided right below rotor to maintain output flakes size.

Raw material dropped into the mouth of grinder, reach the rotor whilst rotor is in rotating condition. Blades cut the article constantly until it reaches the desired size. Once article turns into perfect size, it starts to drop through mesh into output spot. From where output is collected as a flakes.

Model Range :

Our company manufactures various models of Scrap Grinder which are classified according production rates. Like NE/SG/12, NE/SG/15, NE/SG/18 & NE/SG/25.

Production range :

Our Scrap Grinder Models Range has production from 50kg/hr to 300 kg/hr.

Salient Features:

  • Heavy duty bearing housing provided for sturdy operation and longer life.
  • Fixed Blade adjustment system.
  • Heavy fabricated channel stand to be provided for vibration free performance.
  • Driven by Reputed brand motor.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Less Maintenance.
  • Optional : blower to convey plastic flakes from output spot to collection spot.