Dust Cleaner :

Dust cleaner machine is used to clean the plastic film waste. It removes the dry dust from the surface of plastic bags. (ex. Ldpe, lldpe, pp raffia etc.)

How It Works :

dust cleaner machine is fabricated from the heavy duty mild steel channels and sheets. Rotor of dust cleaner machine is fabricated from thick mild steel pipe, where pipe is welded with HR/CR MS sheets. Perfectly balanced rotor is fitted inside the dust cleaner body where pedestals are used to rotate it. There are two mouths provided for input and output. Reputed brand main motor provided to run the machine.

In the entire process, plastic film bags inserted from the input mouth of dust cleaner machine. As soon as plastic bag enters the dust cleaner body, rotor catches it and plastic bags rotates along the rotor and hits the surfaces of body which helps to create vibration on the raw material. Due to vibrations and rotations, dust on the surface of raw material get removed and collected below the machine. There is a mild steel fabricated mesh provided to collect only dust and not plastic bags below the machine. Once dust is removed the clean plastic bags leaves the dust cleaner body through output mouth. Process occurs at very high speed so even small segments production rate is high.

Model Range :

Single model available for dust cleaner.

Production range :

Production completely depends on the labor working speed.

Salient Features:

  • Heavy duty rotor provided fabricated by MS thick pipe and sheets.
  • Heavy fabricated channel stand to be provided for vibration free performance.
  • Driven by Reputed brand motor.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Less Maintenance.