We started manufacturing Closed Oven rock and roll rotomoulding machine since 2015. Close Oven rock and roll rotomoulding machine is used to produce plastic water tank and other hollow articles. Our company thought through the idea of discovering this machine which stand as an economical selection for the current market status. Because this machine is very economical in terms of investment, production cost and other variables.

The rotomoulding and Rotational moulding process products life span is very long. The rotational moulding machines have different categories knows as four/three arm bi axial rotomoulding machine, open fire rock and roll rotomoulding machine. These machines basically perform same process, but working ethics has few differences where big impacts take places as mentioned, production cost, power consumption, production rate, cost of operation, cost of maintenance

How It Works :

In the entire process, A plastic material, normally in powder form is placed into a hollow mould, usually made from fabricated from mild steel or fabricated from stainless steel. The mould is closed and fitted inside the oven box. The mould is then heated in an oven whilst rotating 360 degree horizontally and entire oven box tilts at 45 degree on the both sides for several time during the cycle until the polymer gradually melts and ‘lays-up’ on the inside of the mould. Once the polymer powder has fully melted the mould is moved to a cooling station and cooled usually with air and sometimes a fine mist of water. As the mould cools the part solidifies. When the material has finally cooled sufficiently to release away from the mould surface. Mould moves to the unloading spot and the product is taken out of the mould & then again reloaded for the next cyclic process.

Model Range :

Closed oven rock and roll rotomoulding machine (100 to 5000 Ltrs)

Closed oven rock and roll rotomoulding machine (100 to 10,000 Ltrs)

Production range :

Maximum Production Capacity Upto 10,000 ltrs in a single time.

Salient Features:

  • Low Investment machine
  • Less amount of Space required
  • Lowest fuel consumption
  • Low power consumption
  • Lowest maintenance cost.
  • 1 Operator + 2 unskilled labor required
  • Hydraulic cylinder for Door open/close & machine operation
  • Easy to operate
  • Flexibility to produce double & triple layer upto six layer tanks due uniform distribution of material.
  • Oven heated by LPG by shifting nozzle and gas firing system.
  • Optional attachments :

  • Powder loader machine (to fill up the mould with less efforts with use of powder loader)
  • HMI based control panel (advance touch screen control system with automation facilities)
  • pneumatic spanner along air compressors (to open/close moulds easily),

Layout :