In rotomoulding category, Rock and roll machine is an economical start can produce upto 40,000 ltrs water tank.

Application :

Suitable for giant sizes of water tank and many hollow plastic products.

Model Range :

500 to 5000 ltrs capacity.(MRM/RM/RR/5000) 500 to 25000 ltrs capacity (MRM/RM/RR/25000)

Salient Features:

  • Best for start up in a low investments.
  • Can produce upto 25,000 ltrs..
  • Special article like Drainage Pipes, Boats up to 6.5 mtr. can be produced on Rock n Roll comfortably.
  • Sturdy Machine suitable for manufacturing large size hollow products. Up to 40000 ltrs / 10000 USG capacity
  • Machine operating function through control panel.
  • Low cost, more production for big size hollow product.
  • Low pressure outside adjustable individual burners are user friendly for effective heating, low consumption of fuel, trouble free services for long time.
  • Process fully visual and as such very less chances of rejection of products, higher production and less break down & maintenance.
  • Optional: PLC Control panel .